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Tuesday, June 28 2022


Workouts for weeks of January 26 and February 2

Workouts for weeks of January 26 and February 2
Crash-B workout for Weeks 5 and 6 are now posted. Wednesday workouts are short intervals. Week 5 is 20 strokes on 10 strokes off. Week 6 is 1' on 1' off. Make sure you read the "notes" section on the workout sheet. You will see that there is a pacing strategy for each of these workouts. The strategy is to go a bit slower than 2K pace for the first few, then go at 2K pace for the middle pieces, and then the last few faster than 2K pace. They are designed so that when you race you should try to go progressively faster throughout the race. 1 set of these workouts may be enough for some of you. The Friday workout is a 1250M, 750M and 500M piece. Look to improve times from Week 5 to Week 6.

Not Racing Crash Bs:  If you are not doing Crash B's and are looking to race this summer or just want general fitness then follow the Monday (Steady State), Tuesday (Weights), Thursday (Steady State) workouts listed on the sheet.
For Wednesday you can substitute an AT workout (Cat. 4). 6x5' w/2' rest. #1/2 rate 24, #3/4 rate 26, #5/6 rate 24. The pace for these should be ~  6 to  4 (20' pace) and ~  12 to  10 (2K) pace. This should be challenging but not wipe you out.
For Friday you can either repeat the Monday workout or do 3x10'- 4'x3'x2'x1'. #1 rate 18/20/22/24, #2/3 rate 20/22/24/26. Increase pace 2-3" each shift. 5' rest between pieces. Pace for the rate 18 should be ~  13 to  16 (20') and  24 to  21 (2K).

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