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Monday, January 18 2021

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Updates - December 2020 - It's been a couple of years since we updated the site, and we recently posted new workouts. The site is in the midst of a refresh, so you'll see old and new content on it until we go through it all. Email us if you are looking for specific recommendations for drills, cross training, warm ups and coaching tips, or anytime with your questions and we try to respond within 48 hours.

Coaching Tip 2017 - Here are a series of photos showing the elbow position during the stroke phase from mid-drive, finish, release and mid-recovery. Take note of the elbow height during each phase...it has not changed. During the mid-drive, I like to think of the elbows on top of a table and that height is held through the finish. The elbows can't drop below the table. The elbows then move out from the body and the forearms stay parallel to the water. Think of drawing with the elbows as if you were opening a bag or "chips". When you to this the chest is wide and the shoulders are down and relaxed...a strong position. Then notice at the release, the wrist feathers the blade and there is a slight pushdown with the forearm to get the height off the water. Think of hinging from the elbow. The elbow is at the edge of the table so the height stays the same. Look this over and let us know if you have any questions.

Keep sending us any questions about training or technique, we would like to hear from you. We answer all emails personally. If you don't hear back from us, then for some reason we did not get your email. Please use the Contact Us buttons on the top right corner of every page to reach us, this is the surest and fastest way to get a response.

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