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Efficient, effective year round rowing and strength training

Saturday, June 22 2024


Click on any of the links below for how to get coaching from Tom or CB.

Video or photo critique - To get feedback on a photo or video of your rowing, just send us a link to the photo or video, we are happy to provide on-line coaching for any of our subscribers.

Boston University - Tom is the head men's rowing coach at BU.  Go to the BU website for more information on admissions.

Cambridge Boat Club - CB coaches at this competitive co-ed High School rowing program.  Go to their website or email CB for more information

Coaching Clinics - Tom is often a presenter at Jim Joy coaching conferences. Visit the Joy of Sculling web site for details.

Private or small group lesssons - Tom or CB are sometimes available if you would like a series of coaching sessions. Contact us if interested.