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Efficient, effective year round rowing and strength training

Saturday, June 22 2024


Vacation/Travel workout

VacationTravel workout
Do you exercise less or not at all when traveling or on vacation?  Then try what we do; pack a couple of resistance bands and hit the circuit training.  We do circuit training every other day, with a run, long swim, bike or whatever is handy on the other days.  Even a hard walk on the beach will keep you in better shape.  

At the bottom of the page is a file with our most recent circuit. Just bring along one resistance band.  You can do this workout in any small open space, a field, quiet stretch of road or a gym.  Our extended family went with us on a warm weather vacation and we convinced 11 hearty souls to work out with us on the beach, from High Schoolers to CB's father, who is 75 and a rower (see photo).  There was a wide range of fitness, but we all did the same workout at our own pace. You can do it alone or with any number of people, just bring enough bands.

One note -Its better to use an easier band for this type of training and get full range of motion.  We found that many people select bands that are too heavy to allow for full range of motion.  

Use it next time you travel or anytime you want a break from your usual routine.