Efficient, effective year round rowing and strength training

Monday, January 25 2021


In this section you will find 2 stretching sequences, plus some individual stretches that we like to incorporate into our daily rowing routine.
Stretch 2-3 times weekly to maintain flexibility and range of motion, but stretch daily to improve flexibility.
Read these guidelines, then use one of our Stretching Routines.   They were developed by rower and yoga instructor Sonia Witte. Once you become familiar with it, it will take you about 15 minutes to complete.
Warm up aerobically for 5 - 10 minutes before you stretch
• Stretching should not be painful; avoid poses that hurt your joints or stretch you too far
• Uber-flexibility is not our goal, just developing and maintaining a good range of motion, especially as we get older.
• Abandon your competitive mind set during stretching
• Do not take a pose so far that you feel pain or lose the form of the pose. If you feel pain, come slowly out of the pose by reversing how you got into it.
• Protect your spine - in forward bends make sure the bend comes from the hip joint not the lower back, do not let the spinous processes of your vertebrae protrude.
• Be barefoot to allow you to get the best grip on the floor, bring mind-body awareness to the periphery of your body, and understand your posture from the base.
• Work to create space between the joints.
• Take enough time to come into each pose slowly before going to your maximum stretch.
• Release the poses slowly and with control, generally moving backward through the steps that got you into the pose.
• Learn the poses in "Sun Salutation" individually before linking them into a "Vinyasa" (moving sequence of poses).
• Learn your body, and work with areas which are your limitations rather than reinforcing the flexibility of those areas which are already quite loose.
If you can, take a yoga class with a qualified instructor from time to time to keep track of alignment issues specific to your body, and introduce you to new poses.