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Sunday, January 17 2021

Band Exercises

Band Squat

Step 1

CB doing band squat 1

The band squat is an excellent squatting exercise by itself or can be used as a warm-up before heavier lifting.

  • Place feet about hip width apart.
  • Stand with band under feet, running up the side of the torso and across the shoulder.
  • Hold band with palm of hand facing away from your body
  • Think about sticking the butt and chest out.
  • Hold this tight position.

Step 2

CB doing band squat

  • Hold handles firmly as you squat.
  • Maintain tight upper body with body slightly forward.
  • Try to get thighs parallel to the floor.
  • You should be able to sit back on the heels. This will work the quads and take the pressure off the knees.
  • Press back up to standing position keeping torso tight and hands firmly in place.