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Efficient, effective year round rowing and strength training

Saturday, June 22 2024

Adult Programs

Indoor Rowing at Concord Recreation

Concord Recreation and CRI

Tom Bohrer and CB Sands-Bohrer coach rowing classes through the Concord Recreation Department and CB coaches during the off-season at CRIParticipants

All classes are open to all levels of experience. All of our classes have men and women, from athletes in their 30's to those in their 60's. We have competitive top tier masters rowers as well as beginners, bikers, runners, tennis players, zen rowers and more. We provide individual targets for aerobic and anaerobic improvement, but ultimately everyone trains at their own pace.

Focus of the rowing sessions - Fall, Winter and Spring sessions - Concord Rec

60 minute Classes run from September through June

Tues/Fri 6 a.m.The focus of the rowing courses is to develop aerobic capacity and endurance and greater strength. Rowing is sometimes combined with core strength and body weight exercises to build additional strength, explosiveness and overall fitness. We monitor individual results and track progress, giving individual targets for each workout. Many of our athletes race in CRASH-b Sprints. Each year we have many participants, with several in the top 5 in their event. Coaches row with the class.

Focus of the Rowing and Conditioning sessions - Nov to March - CRI

Please contact us for availability - Times vary each year

The focus of the rowing and conditioning courses are similar to the rowing sessions, but with even more emphasis on overall strength, agility, and core conditioning. These sessions combine rowing with challenging circuit style weight training. A priority is placed on having our athletes develop good technique to safely maximize training effect. Many of our athletes join the class with little or no experience with weight training.Participants who join the class mid-session will be charged a pro-rated fee


Please contact the Concord Recreation Department at 978-369-6460 or CRI for fees, registration and payment.

What to Bring

All athletes should arrive at ready to row with a water bottle.

Location of Courses

Concord sessions are run at the Riply building on Meriam Road in Concord, MA.CRI sessions are run at Community Rowing Inc in Newton, MA

For more information please contact Tom or CB