4/20/09 The Lunge Progression

Tuesday, June 02, 2009

This week in our month of stretching, we have a stretch that is great to identify imbalances in your flexibility.  Imbalances in flexibility can cause athletes to compensate in other ways, either putting unneeded stress on another part of the body and causing injury or by rowing with less than optimal technique.  
This week we have featured an active stretch called the Lunge Progression. As you or your crews do this stretch, note the flexibility on each side of the body at each pause position. One option is to pair up 2 athletes and have them do the stretches individually so they can watch each other do the stretch and note differences on each side.  Make sure they take significant pauses as shown at several points in the stretch.

Here's the link, with the pdf at the bottom of the page

updated: 11 years ago