4/13/09 The Inchworm Progression

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

If you've been following our tips this month, you are getting some flexibility in your hamstrings and increasing your forward pivot in the boat and lengthening your stroke at the catch - where all the power comes from.

Once again we have an active stretch featured, the Inchworm Progression.  As you or your crews do this stretch, make sure they take the pauses indicated at several points in the stretch.  The Inchworm not only stretches your hamstrings, back and glutes, but it also strengthens the shoulders.  Line up your whole crew across a gym or wide area of the boathouse and call out the movements with everyone inching along in sync.  Make sure cores are held tight.  After 8-10 reps of the Inchworm, everyone should be starting to sweat and ready for a good row.

Here's the link, with the pdf at the bottom of the page.

updated: 11 years ago