4/10/09 San Diego Crew Classic

We know that a lot of master and club athletes make the trip out west to the Crew Classic either with their own club or to row in a "rolodex" crew.  This race is a lot of fun. The racing is pretty competitive and the weather is usually great. If you can make the trip it is a perfect race to start the season.

Below is a training plan for the San Diego Crew Classic.  This plan will help prepare you for racing 2000 meters. Workouts can be done on either the erg or in the boat. The erg workouts give goal splits to hold based on your most recent 2000M test. If you do get on the water make sure you practice starts each day. You can start doing these at low pressure. You can add some 1/2 and 3/4 slide rowing during the warm up part of your row, switching back and forth between them and adjusting so that everyone in the boat matches length.  Then practice going over the start sequence and then slowly add pressure and speed. If you want you could do this on the erg as well just to break things up.

Good luck and have fun.

updated: 11 years ago