Overview of the TBFit Rowing Section

This section has most of the topics that rowers are interested in, such as workouts, drills, stretching,  rowing physiology and technique. This information will help you train, coach and row better.

Rowing Workouts - Rowing workouts are posted every 2 weeks on the site. Depending on the year multiple workout schedules may be posted such as for the Crash-Bs or Master's Nationals.  New on the site, we will be putting some alternative workouts such as travel workouts or effective ways to do steady state.  Check these out when you need a change from our Master workout plan.

Rowing Drills - This section is filled with drills for both on the water and on the erg. We tell you which drills work best to correct common rowing mistakes.  Most of the drills have photos and/or video to demonstrate.  We include old favorites with new ways to do them, as well as drills that may be new to you. We update this section periodically as we learn new drills and learn things from other coaches and rowers.

Improve your stroke - This is a new part of the site, and here we will try to cross-reference everything on the site based on what part of the stroke it is relevant for.  We've linked our Drills and Articles on Technique, and are working on recreating and linking our Rowing Technique segment in our How To section.  Look here for more links monthly such as videos, strength exercises and other helpful links.

Rowing Physiology - In this section specific topics related to rowing physiology will be discussed. Learn about training levels, energy systems, types of workouts and how they relate to rowing. The more you know about why we train the way we do for rowing, the better rower or coach you will be.

Stretching routines for pre and post workouts.

Warm up - Guideline for warming up to maximize your next race or workout.

Getting Started - A brief overview of how workouts are designed throughout the year. It also gives you some guidelines on what workouts to do based on how much time you have to train. This section should give you a good idea of what we do at TBFit.com

Articles on technique that Tom has written for Rowing News are in this section.  The articles are grouped into those most relevent for the erg or for rowing on the water, but since there is a lot of overlap you should check out both sections for technical information.

updated: 10 years ago