Workouts for February 9 and 16, 2009

Workouts for February 9 and 16 2009
Crash-B workout for Weeks 7 and 8 are now posted. These are the last 2 weeks of workouts leading up to Crash-Bs. Week 7 is a reduced volume of work with high intensity. Please note that Tuesday should be the last day of strength training. Wednesday is an interval workout of 30" on at 2K pace with 15" rest of rest. This should give you a good feel of what your race will feel like. For Friday (or Saturday) the workout is 1x1500M and 1x500M. The 1500M should be like the first 1500M of the race. The 500M should be like the last 500M. Start off at base for 20 strokes and then try to build each 10 strokes. Make sure that for both Wednesday and Friday that you take a long cool-down to work the lactate out of your muscles. This should be at least 15-20' of easy rowing or biking.

For Week 8 this should be a taper week (low volume and low intensity). Monday or Tuesday should be the last hard work for the week. The workout is 2x500M and 2x250M. The rest of the week is easy SS or some short pyramids of 10/20/30/20/10 strokes on with equal strokes off. The rest of the week should be spent resting. When in doubt do less work. You should feel like as you go through the week you are getting more energy and wondering if you are doing enough work. This is good. Make sure you draft a race plan. Think about it and implement it for some of the hard work this week.

Not Racing Crash Bs: If you are not doing Crash B's and are looking to race this summer or just want general fitness then follow the  Monday (Steady State), Tuesday (Weights), Thursday (Steady State) workouts listed for week 7.
For Wednesday you can substitute an AT workout (Cat. 4). 6x5' w/2' rest. #1/2 rate 24, #3/4 rate 26, #5/6 rate 24. The pace for these should be ~  6 to  4 (20' pace) and ~  12 to  10 (2K) pace. This should be challenging but not wipe you out.
For Friday you can either repeat the Monday workout or do 3x10'- 4'x3'x2'x1'. #1 rate 18/20/22/24, #2/3 rate 20/22/24/26. Increase pace 2-3" each shift. 5' rest between pieces. Pace for the rate 18 should be ~  13 to  16 (20') and  24 to  21 (2K).
For the Week of February 16 repeat the workouts. For March we will be posting workouts to prepare for the summer.

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