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Tuesday, June 28 2022

Exercise Planner

Choose the right exercise for you

This list groups exercises by major muscle groups/movements.  Each movement has different exercises ranging from easy to more complex.  Select an exercise from the Exercise Planner that suits your ability and available equipment.  Substitute an alternative exercise targeting the same muscles as needed.  To view an exercise, click on the name to go to a video clip showing you 2-3 reps of the exercise. Follow a progression when designing a strength program.  Spend 2-3 weeks mastering an exercise before moving to a more demanding/complex variation of the same exercise.  Exercises that may be right for one person may be far too difficult for another, and potentially dangerous.Performing the same exercises with the same number of reps and weight over a period of time will not increase strength.  Varying exercises for the same muscle group is an effective way to improve strength. A little variety can maintain your interest and get you beyond a plateau period.An example of an exercise progression would be to cycle from a barbell bench press to a Dumbbell (DB) bench press then to a DB bench press on a stability ball (SB)to a single arm DB press on a SB.  Spend 3-4 weeks at each exercise, then repeat the cycle.  The total training cycle would be 12-16 weeks.  When you go back to the barbell bench press you will feel a lot stronger.The planner below has exercises for different muscle groups/movements listed in order from easiest to more complex.  Progressions to increase difficulty of each exercise are listed in parenthesis and indicated by a ">".  Check off an exercise from the menu that works for your situation, and enter into your strength training log sheet.Contact us if you have a question about how to plan a program best for you.Quadriceps (2x leg push) Leg Press SB Squat (body weight>dumbbells) DB Squat (hold DBs at your side) Back Squat (barbell>standing on balance board) Front Squat (barbell>standing on balance board) Dead lifts - dumbbell, barbell, diamond barQuadriceps (1x leg push) Lunge (body weight>dumbbells>barbell>step on airex pad or bosu ball) Lunge Walk (body weight>dumbbells>medicine ball with twist) Step up (body weight>dumbbells>barbell) Split Squat (body weight>dumbbells>barbell 1x leg Bench Squat - body weight 1x leg squat (holding onto rope>dumbbells - this is hard!) 1x leg dead lift Glutes/Hamstrings (Hip extension) SB Leg Curls (2 legs>1 leg) SB Hip extension (2 legs>1 leg SB Reverse Hyper (1x leg at a time or both together) Back extension-roman chair or SB (hands on shoulders/behind head/weight or MB) Single Leg Straight Leg Dead lift - medicine ball or dumbbell Straight Leg Dead Lift - dumbbells or barbellBack (pulls) Pull downs - wide grip, palms away, keep bar in front of body Modified pull-up Pull-ups (weighted) Front Pull - close grip, palms facing you Modified Chin-up Chin-ups (weighted)Back (rows) Cable or Band row 1x Arm Cable row - alternating positions, high/mid/low 1x Arm Cable row (standing-2 feet>1 foot> stand on bosu ball>sit on SB>sit on SB with 1 foot on floor) Bent over row - barbell or dumbbellChest (push-upper body) Standing Band Press (2 arms>alternating arms>1x arm) Push-ups (wall>knee>incline>regular>decline>1 foot off ground, weight vest) Medicine ball push-ups (1 hand on ball>2 hands on ball>alternate ball from left to right) Stability Ball push-up -hands on SB (wall>knees>feet>1foot>feet on bench) Stability Ball push-up - legs on SB (knees>shins>toes>1 foot) Flat Bench Press (Barbell/Dumbbell>1x arm at a time) DB Bench Press on SB (2 arms>1x arm) Incline Bench Press (Barbell>Dumbbell>1x arm at a time) DB Incline Bench press on SBShoulders (Presses/raises) OH press (Barbell>Dumbbell>Standing>Sitting>Sitting on SB) DB or Plate Front Raise DB Side Raise Shrugs Upright row (Barbell or Dumbbell)Arms - Biceps/Forearms/Triceps Curls (DB>BB>1x arm>sitting on SB) DB wrist curls DB reverse wrist curls Pushdowns DB OH extensions Band arm extension Dips (bench>Feet on SB>bar,weighted)Calf/Ankles Standing heel Raise (double>double up-1x leg down, single leg) Stabilization (2x leg>1x leg -dyna disc/airex foam)Combo's Curl/press combo - sitting/standing/sitting on SB (2x arms together>alt. arms>1x arm) DB Upright row/OH press combo Rows/OH press/Arm Curls - use DB's, 1 exercise after the other, no rest DB dead lift/arm curl combo DB dead lift/arm curl/OH press combo DB dead lift/upright row combo DB dead lift/upright row/OH press comboInjury Prevention and Rehab Hip abduction (bent leg>bent leg with band, straight leg) Shoulder Abduction/Adduction OtherTorsoClick here for detailed Core Training Section Explosive* Jumpies (body weight>hold plate or use weighted vest) Box Jumps (slowly increase height of box) Push/Press 1x arm DB Snatch Hang Clean*Explosive exercises should be done first during the training session.  They also require a lot more skill and technique and should only be performed after proper instruction from a qualified individual.

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