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Tuesday, June 28 2022


Overview for Rowing Drills

This section of the site has drills that you can use to improve technique in almost any boat.  Each drill has a short description of the drill, variations you can use to make it easier/harder or change it up, coaching cues to help you use the drill and then references - a short list of the parts of the stroke the drill focuses on.  To find a drill that works on a specific part of the stroke you are trying to improve, go to our Improve your Stroke page.  You can find your topic, such as Bladework or Catches, and the drills that work best for it.We included both well known drills and ones that may be less familiar to you.  Check them all out, you might find a new way to do an old drill or something completely new that works for you or your crew.    Each drill has a printable PDF file, which you can print to take with you to the boathouse.  We are working on posting more photos and videos of each drill and will post this on the home page when it is complete.If you have a drill that you want us to include, please send it to us at tbfit.com
Overview for Rowing Drills

updated: 13 years ago