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Updates - September  2014 - Workouts on the site are now geared for the head racing season...with a peak at the Head of the Charles. The fall racing season adds a lot of excitement to training. For some of us it is the only time we race during the year.  Registered for a race means that we are often more regimented in our training that produces an elevation in our focus. The core workouts for the month of September will be a mix of steady state, a weekly 30' time trial, and shorter intervals of 5-8' at  "head"race pace. There will also be some power work with the bungy. Our workouts have produced many gold medals at the Head of the Charles over the years....and most importantly many PR's for individual rowers. If you have any questions please contact us. Good luck.

Coaching Tip   - Here are a series of photos showing the elbow position during the stroke phase from mid-drive, finish, release and mid-recovery. Take note of the elbow height during each phase...it has not changed. During the mid-drive, I like to think of the elbows on top of a table and that height is held through the finish. The elbows can't drop below the table. The elbows then move out from the body and the forearms stay parallel to the water. Think of drawing with the elbows as if you were opening a bag or "chips". When you to this the chest is wide and the shoulders are down and relaxed...a strong position. Then notice at the release, the wrist feathers the blade and there is a slight pushdown with the forearm to get the height off the water. Think of hinging from the elbow. The elbow is at the edge of the tabe so the height stays the same. Look this over and let us know if you have any quesitons.

Keep sending us any questions about training or technique, we would like to hear from you. We answer all emails personally.  If you don't hear back from us, then for some reason we did not get your email.  Please use the Contact Us buttons on the top right corner of every page to reach us, this is the surest and fastest way to get a response.

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ). Have a question about training, or want to see what other people are asking then go to the FAQ section. The most recent question is how to help an athlete who opens up the back at the catch.
  • Stroke Guide. Need to improve some part of your stroke? Here we cross reference drills, articles, photos for what ever you need to improve.
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